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If this is your first time to an online class situation you may have some questions. Hopefully they will be answered below or you can email me for clarification. This is an intermediate to advanced course. I will be launching beginner classes in the coming year. If you are a beginner I suggest you wait for them first to get the most from this program. This is a workshop that is a long 3 day face to face course normally. I have spread the activities over the 6 week period. The course is presented through detailed Text, photos and quality video presentations. I hope you will enjoy it!!

If you haven't seen it, watch the video here to get idea about me and the course.

The next online course starts 27th October 2017.

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Felting Pam deGroot


What will I learn?

In the 6 weeks of the course you will learn the many techniques used to create some now quite well known forms in sculptural felting, the “Splash,” “the Spiral” and “the Twistie” Each project has a 2 week time allowance to complete it. I have broken each activity into 2 parts so as to make it easier. You can always leave your felt at any time to return to later. It will come to no harm if it dries out.

We will be looking at the dimensional quality of felt in the “Splash,” how to make a 3d object without using a resist. We will use our understanding of wool properties and then exploit them.

With the “Spiral” we will focus on continuing forms and connections. Using some simple mathematics to help us, we will shape one of mankind favourite forms. Finally, in the “Twistie,” we find out what happens when we introduce foreign objects to our felt work. This is one of the most surprising of activities and quite exciting.

How does it work?

Try to think of our class as being in an online classroom. Once the class has begun you will be given a learning module each week. You will be given text, supporting photos and video content to help understand how to achieve each outcome. Pdf’s of the course content will be available for you to download for further reference. Photos and video will only be able to be viewed online in the classroom. I do ask that you don’t share the content. Teaching is a large part of how I earn a living and I love it. I want to be able to continue supporting my family in this way.

Is it a live presentation?

No all content has been prepared before commencement of the course. As I live in Australia I can see that many of my participants will be in another timezone. I will spend each morning, Australian time, checking the classroom for questions, comments and photos. I will give feedback and advice where necessary. You will be also be able to interact with each other in the classroom, offering advice and encouragement to each other.

Can I only do this in front of a computer?

You can use computer or tablet to access the online class info. You can also use a phone though it will be small to read.

What if I can’t be there when one of the modules is released?

All the information from the course, including text, photos and video, will be available for six months from the beginning of the class. You could duck out to Hawaii and back and still get all the information. If you have been away or unable to do the work for whatever reason and you don't want to fall behind what others in the classroom are up to, then jump back in where they are up to and do the other part later.

What if I didn’t get through everything in the 6 weeks?

All the text, photos and video content will be available for 6 months from the beginning of the course. You can log in using your password.

Do I have to contribute to class discussion?

I don’t expect everyone will contribute in the classroom. If you would rather not share that is fine with me. You do not have to post every week either. I do hope that if you are having issues you will get in contact with me so I can help out. There is always a solution I find. Obviously I can only assess the success of the course through those that do post.

If I don’t live in Australia can I still do this class?

Absolutely. I am really looking forward to the mixed group of participants we will have. I should mention that all information will be in English as it is the only language I can do more than count in! Google translate may help if some of my descriptions are not self evident.

What will the materials be?

The materials list will be given to you once you register. All materials, bar a few, are the normal materials for felting. For the few strange items I will provide some ideas of where you may procure them from.

Will you be responding to posts every day?

I will respond each morning Australian time. If I cannot for some reason make the morning it will be the afternoon. There may not be a response on the weekend if I am away or with the family but if I am home and available I will respond.

What is the cost?

The 6 week online course, including the downloadable PDF’s, is available for $220 USD. You can pay with PayPal or Credit card.

How long does it take?

As the classroom information is available for 6 months you can take as long as you like. Your life will determine the pace to some extent. I will respond in the classroom for the full 6 weeks. After that I will check in regularly to answer any more questions that may occur or for those who may have taken longer. If you need something urgently you can email me.

Do I need a lot of equipment and materials?

No. Felting is a simple craft in terms of equipment. Your 2 hands are the most important ones. The Twistie is the only activity that has some odd requirements and it is the last one so it gives you plenty of time to have those bits posted to you.

A full list of materials and equipment will be provided upon enrolment.

Is there any support?

Yes. I will be online almost everyday and the Ruzuku team can help answer any problem you may have with the platform.

Do I need to have a large knowledge of computers?

No. Not at all. By using the platform I have chosen the steps are simple to follow. You will be guided along the way. Each week you will be advised of a new module being available.

Pam's students say …

Don't even hesitate to sign up for a class with Pam! She is an amazing artist and teacher - the quality of my work has improved immensely after a class with her! - Cheryl Roberts

A great tutor … generous in sharing her techniques and knowledge! - Anna Ashton

Pam combines rich techniques and tons of fun in her classes! Highly recommend this online class! - Sherry Thomas

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